Craig’s Famous Fish Sandwich

I’ll admit I consider myself both adventurous and educated when it comes to cuisine. An expert? Maybe, maybe not? But more importantly – I enjoy a good meal. Yes, I crave culinary creations of all kinds. Heck, at times, it almost seems as needed as the air I breathe.

And through my travels I discovered amazing eats, adventurous meals and absolutely delicious dishes. Certainly we all have our favorites and now after discussing my Shanghai surprise, I decided to share more. To write about places when a meal makes the trip.

Craig's Restaurant

Next Stop. Florida Keys.

I’ll admit it; I first became intrigued when I learned Craig’s Restaurant claims to have a famous fish sandwich.  There is something about a name. But when billboards advertise it as “world famous,” it may not always be a good sign.

Right off the Overseas Highway ( RT 1), heading south (or actually West) to Key West at MM 90.5 you’ll find Craig’s Restaurant. And when you enter, the simple interior doesn’t impress. It neither shows much character nor charm. All you do notice is the countless award certificates dating back to the 1980s that fill the wall. All awards for the fish sandwich?

Ok, let’s try one. I order the famous.

And wow.

The combination of grilled whole-wheat toast, fresh caught and fried Mahi Mahi, pickles, tomato, and melted American cheese creates the masterpiece. Simple – yes. Delicious – YES. And also seemingly easily replicated, it remains one of the best the Keys offers. And I tried many.

about to enjoy the famous....

Overall, the restaurant may seem pricey (I think it was $10.95 for the famous) since it lacks a waterfront setting, a water view, and that desired “keyz'” atmosphere, but it delivers delicious.

Every trip down to the Florida Keys, I make it a point to stop, and my order is simple. The famous – with Mahi. Try one. You’ll agree.

Stay adventurous, Craig

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  • the recession ninja

    Do you have any recommendations for places to eat, places to go, etc. in Miami?

    • stayadventurous

      Schedule one meal along the ocean in South Beach, great views and interesting people too.

      Further downtown, find Bin 18 (near 18th). Enjoyed three meals there…each time delish.

      stay advenutrous,

  • Kirsten

    Didn’t get to eat at Craigs, but passed it. Must stop when I am back there in August. Did have key lime pie in the keys…that was supposedly world famous and the best ever. It certainly did convince me of the merits of key lime pie after being a long time non-fan! And yes, I agree that half the fun of travel is the food along the way!

  • Maryann

    There is nothing like a Florida Keys fish sandwich and Craig’s is noted for theirs. I have never had fresher better tasting fish then in the Keys. I tried many restaurants searching for the best. It has become a challenge. Craig’s is certainly one of the best.