Sunset Sunday – A Scottish Sunset Dedication

Those of you who follow the Sunset Sunday Series know I make my weekly posts happy and positive. I also keep my news feeds the same way, but sometimes there are tragic events that evoke deep sadness and disbelief.   This week, my friends in London lost their first child at birth.

I learned about their devastating loss via a message from the expectant father. His eloquent words so touching, so filled with strength at such a difficult time, they seemed to pour straight from his heart.  I couldn’t hold back tears. Also, I couldn’t help but notice how the humanist funeral service planned for his son would happen at sunset.

The sunset has offered me comfort in a times of challenge and my hope is that today’s #SunsetSunday moves you (and my dear friends) toward healing and peace.   It is from the Isle of Arran, a place I visited for this wonderful couple’s wedding.

Isle of Arran Sunset

isle of arran, scotland at sunset on the beach.

A peaceful moment at sunset.

Their wedding didn’t just give me an opportunity to travel to the Isle of Arran in Scotland, but also to wear a kilt for the first time too. One evening on the trip, I chased the sunset on the same beach the couple took their Scottish wedding photos.

Sunsets may all not be bright or colorful, but I consider them all beautiful moments and this was certainly no exception.  I recall the slight breeze followed by a quiet stillness and a sense of peace when standing between the sand and the sea. I can only wish the sunset at my friend’s funeral for their son provided a similar sensation to all who will attend.

So, when the sun sets for me today, I will be thinking about my friends and their son Dirk who left this world too early. I know the road ahead will not be easy for them, but I plan to support them through this time and again, one day soon, share a sunset moment with them in peace.

Stay Supportive, Craig

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  • Carol Varsalona

    Craig, this is a touching blog post that points to the fact that life is fragile and fleeting. It is in strength that we find peace and solitude. I wrote a post on strength because a tragic loss happened this week to my friend’s family. If interested, you can see the post at May the sunset bring you and your friends peace.

    Carol from Long Island, NY

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks for sharing Carol. Stay Strong, Craig

  • Mrs Chasing the Donkey

    Oh my gosh, how sad. My heart goes out to them, and you.

    • craig zabransky

      Thank you.

  • Ali

    Beautiful. From one photographer to another. Lovely words for D and K. X

    • craig zabransky

      Thank you. Appreciate it.