Sunset Sunday-The Central Andes of Argentina

Los Penitentes, in the central Argentine Andes, bustles in the winter ski season and is a popular summer hiking destination. But the rest of the year it’s a hermits dream with utter peace and palpable silence. It can be the perfect place to capture the energy and amazement of a picturesque sunset.

the sunset in the Andes mountains of Argentina at

the Argentine Sunset Sky from the Central Andes

The image, an autumn sunset at the ski resort of Los Penitentes, was captured at 10,000′ elevation at the foot of Earth’s tallest mountain outside the Himalayas, the 23,000-foot Monte Aconcagua.

Happy Sunset Sunday.

The photo and details are from Chef Marc d’Entremont. He travels, cooks, eats, observes, interacts, lives and writes. You can access all his articles through his web site and follow him on twitter @penandpalate.  Personally, I met Marc during a recent trip to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We explored the culture of the Pennsylvania state capital city and also discussed other destinations such as Argentina where he spent five months and Greece where he just spent five weeks.

Ps – Good Luck today to Argentina playing for the World Cup Trophy; I am pulling for you.


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  • Maria Falvey

    Wow! To think that mountain goes up another 13k feet above the photo site… incredible. Thanks for another Sunday spent learning about another blogger and a beautiful location, and of course… the eye-candy. *grin*

    • craig zabransky

      Ah, you love eye candy… and yes, the photo made me research the Andes myself, it is a place I’d like to visit one day. Stay Adventurous, Craig

  • Maggie Mistal

    Sorry Argentina didn’t win but when it comes to sunsets, this one is certainly a winner!

    • craig zabransky

      It certainly is… as for the World Cup Final > Germany was the better team, I suppose it is time to celebrate my German heritage… StayGlobal, Craig

  • The Wondernuts

    Oh wow! Beautiful sunset!!!

    • craig zabransky

      Thank you, Argentina is a wonderful country and Marc certainly will tell you all about it…. it was a pleasure to connect with him. Stay Argentine, Craig

  • The World Wanderer

    This is absolutely beautiful! Would love to see a sunset in Argentina one day…

  • Leah Travels

    I am in love with this sunset! I can’t wait to get back to Argentina and explore more. I am smitten with Buenos Aires. I can only imagine how incredible the rest of the country is.