Sunset Sunday – Galle District, Sri Lanka

Galle, located in the southwest of Sri Lanka is one of the island nation’s top destinations. Steeped in history, which dates back to King Solomon times with its local ivory and spices attracting traders from Persia, Arabia, Greece, Rome, India and China, the district also contains a colonial past with a first Portuguese then Dutch East Company Fort recognized by UNESCO. Today visitors can find a blend Buddhist, Muslim and Christian buildings and culture.

an asian sunset reflection from the Galle District in Sri Lanka

the sunset reflection from Sri Lanka

Galle is also where you can see the iconic Sri Lankan spectacle of the stilt fishermen of Kathaluwa who perch around 2 meters above the sea surface on poles driven into the coral reef seabed. This fishing method is unique to the 500 or so fishermen of the area.

Sri Lanka remains one of my bucket list destinations and this sunset image is just another reason (and reminder) I need to make my travel plans to visit Sri Lanka soon. Very soon. Happy Sunset Sunday and Stay adventurous.

Special thanks to Mirus Journeys for providing the image and much of the background on the Galle District.

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  • Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

    The Wow factor for sure! Gorgeous. I love reflections.

    • craig zabransky

      I love the reflection too, always makes for a magical image. Thanks for commenting. Stay Reflective, Craig

  • Maryann

    What beautiful colors.

    • craig zabransky

      I hear Sri Lanka is so colorful… and if this sunset is any indication, it definitely is …. stay colorful, Craig