Does Hawaii Have it All?

Lush rainforests, live volcanoes, black-sand beaches, bustling cities and remote pasturelands—Hawaii has it all. Do you want to go ziplining through tropical valleys, or snorkel in coral reefs, or learn to surf in the land where surfing was invented? Do you want to see the only palace in the U.S., or play golf on some of the world’s most beautiful courses, or experience the multi-continental melting pot that makes up Hawaii’s rich culture? Naturally, you’ll have to save time for a luau as well.

surf in hawaii

paddling out in Hawaii. Photo: Emjay

In fact, Hawaii has so much to offer, the biggest hurdle might be checking out hotels in Hawaii to figure out what area you want to stay.

Staying on Oahu

If you’re deciding which island to stay on, you should know that Oahu, home of the state’s capital, is the most popular pick. There, you can enjoy Honolulu’s bustling nightlife and growing arts scene, but still find yourself a short trip away from a natural paradise by finding Oahu hotels and resorts near famous Waikiki Beach or the beautiful Diamond Head area.

aqua hotels on Oahu

photo source: Aqua Hotels

Interested in venturing to other islands?

On Maui, you can see endangered species that exist nowhere else on earth at Haleakala National Park, or catch the sight of whales and sea turtles on a whale-watching cruise, or eat dinners at shoreline restaurants while sunsets flood the sky with color. On Kauai, you can surf scenic Hanalei Bay in sight of mountains and waterfalls, or hike the rugged and beautiful Na Pali cliffs; on Molokai, you can watch romantic sunsets over the Pacific from the tallest sea cliffs in the world; and on Lanai, you can see dolphins frolicking in the sparkling waters of Hulopoe Bay.

Yes, it’s a bit overwhelming—fortunately, once you’re on the islands, you’ll find that the sun, the scenery, the food, and the genuine Aloha spirit of the people will leave you totally refreshed. After all, there’s a reason this place is a daydream vacation spot for the millions of tourists who come here each year!

The first photo is from my friend and Hawaiian resident and world traveler Emjay, the second photo is courtesy of Aqua resorts.

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  • Maria Falvey

    Sounds like a resounding YES! is in order.

    • craig zabransky

      It seems like it, doesn’t it. I need to do extensive research soon to make sure. stay adventurous, Craig