Mercado Municipal Mazatlán, Mexico

The main market, the Mercado Municipal in Mazatlán covers an entire  square block and is just a few steps from the central down town church. It’s outside the main tourist area, the Golden Zone, and also is not just for tourists. Here, you get a chance to see more than the typical “prepackaged” items.

las frutas...

The diversity is its charm. Remember Mazatlán’s is not solely a tourist destination, but a living, working seaside city. You’ll  fruits, flowers, shoes, hats, dresses, but it’s the walk through the meat stalls that leaves the biggest impression.

every want a pig's head?

or perhaps a shopping cart of meat?

The food is fresh, and probably the cheapest in town so don’t be afraid to try something. One friendly local, my sudden “tour guide” who found out I was a travel writer decided to help me find something to eat. Also, he used the excuse to take a photo with all the ladies he knew (for the paper he said). We never found the Tacos del Pastor I wanted, but I hardly considered it settling on the fish tacos I did find.

my sudden "tour guide" and one of his ladies...

And although it is a place for locals, they know tourists visit, and souvenirs are available. But it’s far more than T-shirts and tequila. It’s worth a stroll, I am sure you will find something that tickles your fancy for a few pesos.

perhaps a mug?

zapatos y sombreros for local or tourists

stay adventurous, Craig

this post is part of the Market Monday Series (season 1)


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