The International Gourmet Festival of Puerto Vallarta

the menu awaits...

When offered a chance to attend a food festival, I usually jump at it. Offer me a chance to visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico I defintely jump at it. Offer me a chance to attend a Food Festival in Puerto Vallarta – its a no brainer. It’s just, “When do I need to be there?”

Every November Puerto Vallarta hosts an eleven-day event where select restaurants open up their kitchens to visiting chefs. They come from all over Mexico and the world, not to compete, but create and exchange ideas. Grand masters of the art of cooking perform for the town, its visitors, and each other.

Select restaurants such as Cafe Des Artistes, Trio and others in Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit  create a “festival” menu for dinners for the eleven days. With both local restaurants and top resorts as part of the festival, it seems Puerto Vallarta is truly a “foodie town.” And after my most recent visit, I can confirm such claims.

The event also holds a few special events, Two such favorites were the gourmet garden (organic) breakfast and the wine tasting.

she sniffs the herbs... fresh.

Gourmet Garden.

On another morning we headed over to breakfast in a garden setting. We listended to a French chef provide his understanding of the use of herbs and spices and how fresh is best. As a opportunistic amateur chef myself, I couldn’t agree more. And when we tasted the results, all attendees seemed to concur.

Wine Tasting

pour me another glass....

Concho y Torro, the Chilean wine producer poured the wines. After a few minute video, played once in English then in Spanish the bi-lingual presentation and introduction to Chilean wine commenced. We started with a sparkling wine, a crisp, refreshing entry then on to a white, finishing with two reds. The liberal pours provided a festive mood as the annual 18 million case producer offered an insight into some of the more affordable brands. After the tasting more glasses were offered to guest and were complemented by a gluttonous spread of cheeses. I recall it was a good time, just like the entire festival.

Tip: If you book a participating restaurant during the festival, remember this is not their ‘normal’ menu; you will have a different selection.

Stay adventurous, Craig

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Gaviotas at the Sheraton ended my festival meals with a delicious dessert

Also, this is third installment of the Culture Through Cuisine Series and the fifth of  five posts on Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Additionally, this post is part of the Mexican March Madness 2011 series. I like to thank VisitPuertoVallarta for their invitation.



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  • charu

    So delish! One more reason for me to visit PV!