My Rèsumé

Stay Adventurous (2010-Present)

craig zabransky

Owner and creator of the travel website Stay Adventurous ( a mind set for travel, a mindset for life. The site provides inspiration and travel ideas not only for specific destinations, but also encourages others to take and make adventure in their lives.

  • Posted over  375 stories in three years on my adventures from the US and across the globe
  • Created the weekly Sunset Sunday post (now over 125+), capturing the meaning and metaphor found in each sunset´s special moment.
  • Created other timely and relevant special themes such as ¨Culture through Cuisine,¨ a winter ¨Beach Thursday¨to keep us warm through the season, and also destinations specific themes such as  ¨Mexican Bicentennial Tribute¨ and “All Africa All August”
  • Provides an expertise on Mexico, Southern Africa, and the United States
  • Created Unique Stay Adventurous mindset tips to travelers to teach them how to incorporate adventure into their travel and daily living.

Freelance Writer – Photographer (2005-Present)

After nearly a year traveling, I realized I needed to share my stories and adventures with the world to encourage others to do the same. I started to realize travel was not just enjoyment, but a great educator. The RTW (´round the world) can me be more valuable than an MBA (and cheaper too).

  • Content Contributor and an Ambassador for Mexico Today, ( an organization designed to promote the stories about Mexico to the public through multiple social media channels (2011-2012)
  • Content Contributor for AllAboutMexico websites ( and specifically working for the expansion of its AllAboutPuertoVallarta and AllAboutMazatlan web site (2011-2013)
  • Travel Writer for with a focus on Mexico, Europe, and America (2010-Present)
  • Contributor and ¨South of the Border” expert for the News & Views at (2009-2011).
  • Travel Blogger for Gaincontact, a multicultural learning center in New Jersey (2009).
  • Senior Travel Writer for Real Hoboken Online an e-Magazine (2005-2009).
  • Award winning photographer as part of the MexMonday, TogChat, and Florida Keys contest.
  • Contributor to the Shanghai Metro Newspaper and Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine Travel Blog
  • Licensed Photos to SF Gate, Luxaviation and Mexi-Go.
  • Social Media savvy with 6,500+ followers on twitter at t:@stayadventurous.

Travel Sabbatical (2004-2005)

In November of 2004, I took nearly a year off from management consulting position to travel the world and see it from a backpack rather than a luxury or business perspective. My eyes opened up. The original plan of 3 months, quickly blossomed into nearly a year of seeing the world.

  • Visited 15 countires in Central & South America and across Eastern & Western Europe
  • Called Buenos Aires home for two months, deciding to explore living abroad as part of my travels
  • Learned to be conversational in Spanish enabling me to secure a long-term position in Mexico City upon my return to management consulting

Global Management Consultant (1998-2009)

For over ten years, I worked to improve the business processes of the top tier investment banks on Wall Street and across the globe.

  • Employed at Arthur Andersen, KPMG Consulting, and BearingPoint all working with the same team of Financial Service Consultants.
  • Worked with the following investment banks: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, UBS, and others.
  • Worked and lived in Asia, Europe, Latin America and across the United States.
  • Instructed both experienced and new hire consultants on business processes techniques and basic consulting principles.

In the Press

I have appeared on Television, Radio and in numerous publications both in print and on the web. Highlights include:

  • TV News – appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss successful people changing careers in difficult economic times.
  • Satellite Radio – appeared on Sirius Radio four times to discuss travel sabbaticals and following your career dreams on the Martha Stewart Channel
  • Cruise Radio – Co-Host and Contributor for multiple episodes of Cruise Radio focusing on Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America
  • Interviewed on AOL Jobs and various travel sites about being a travel blogger – writer
  • Interviewed for Work Style Magazine regarding my successful career change
  • Interviewed and appear in award winning book titled “How to Ditch the Corporate Work and Rock Your Own”


  • Graduate of Villanova University with a BSBA; major in Finance; minor in Political Science (1995)
  • Attended two Gotham Writing (NYC) classes Memoir Writing (2000) and Travel Writing (2004)
  • RTW (‘Round the World), learned from travels across the globe (2004-5)

You can also find out more detailed information read about Craig Zabransky and view my LinkedIn Profile.