The Sunset from Hvar Island, Croatia

It was a day to remember complete with a Hvar Island sunset in Croatia.

After sailing all day on a 31 ft. boat, starting at dawn from the secluded island of Vis, swimming in crystal clear waters full of sea urchins in Paklenski Otoci, we finally reached the medieval town of Hvar for sunset, on the island of the same name. The old town takes you back to the Venetian times, its stone houses glittering in the setting sun. It’s fancy, it’s memorable and we knew there was a grand prize waiting for us further down the island’s coast.

The grand prize?

the sunset from Hvar Croatia

Sunset from Hvar, Croatia

A table with a view at a vantage point above the “Zorace” restaurant in a tiny little bay, sheltered from the sea by the rocks. As my friends and I sank into the chairs above the waves, the endless view opened up in front of us. We all fell silent; almost irritated we have to bother with ordering the food and wine.

The mysterious island of Vis against the intensive red sunset sky, the stars right above us emerging out of the darkness. And the Moon… its reflection in the sea giving it all an otherworldly feel.  It was truly the sky’s way of telling us:

Hey… it’s all going to be fine. See this grand show I’m putting on for you? Enjoy the moment, and let the worries break away as those waves beneath you.”

We raised our glasses towards the sunset, and wished a good luck to all the wandering souls out there, in this big wide world.This sunset was indeed a grand prize. Not only on that sailing trip, but probably of my life as well. I’ll never forget it.


Anna Kay is an avid traveler and photographer, editor and social media manager at She loves exploring and island-hopping across the Mediterranean, and can also be found on twitter at @MedCruiseGuide.

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