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connect with app for car location

Relocating to the Florida Keys just doesn’t mean new wardrobe, sure wearing flip-flops and short sleeve daily is a big change from Manhattan, but I discovered it’s a big transition. And it’s a transition that involves the need for a car, and thus or ZUS, a car charger.

Nonda ZUS Car Charger

What I Like: Charges Two Phones

The sleek, small, design of the ZUS Car Charger offers two access points to charge two devices at once. Great news, you can charge up your passenger’s device too. No need to fight over the single access….well if you have two cords in the car.

What I Love: The ZUS App Can Locate Your Car

ZUS Car Charger

small sleek design

Do you park in a big parking lot often? Perhaps the you park in the same lot and use a difference space daily? At some point one might lose track of where exactly where you parked. (We’ve all been there).

Well, it’s no longer an issue –  just click on the app, connect through blue tooth and track. The app has the distance in measurement (feet or meters) and also with a map. Sweet.

ZUS Feet to Car

Distance to the car

Added Bonus

Wondering how much time is left on the meter? No problem, this app tells you time elapsed since parking.

Something to Note

Charge cords are not included with the charger although eventually they will be sold separately. Actually, I’d love to sample the lighting fast cable, as it seems they put energy in design with ZUS, but until then you need cord management with your existing cords.

Find Out More: Order the ZUS

ZUS, Map to Car

Map to find your car

For more including the details in the design, charging speeds and specification and visit the site > ZUS Charger. Also, check the App store to download the matching App (Free).

two phones charging thanks to the ZUS Car Charger

Charge two phones

Hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions, happy to help.

Stay adventurous, Craig

Disclaimer: I received ZUS product to review and am currently using it daily. As always all opinions are my own.

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