It’s Sunset at Epcot in Disney World, So Where Are You Having Dinner?

You may recognize the iconic symbol of Epcot at sunset. The geosphere is home to one of my favorite rides, Spaceship Earth and is worth taking before or after the sunset at Epcot.

If you visited any of the Walt Disney Theme Parks, there is a better than average chance you stayed in the park past sunset. Sure, its not the typical Florida Sunset, but let’s face it, long days are the norm and you plan to stay through the sunset. Part of the Disney magic or not, you’ve watched sunset inside a park and the bonus when you stay past sunset at Epcot is you can dine inside the World Showcase.


the sunset from inside the World Showcase of Epcot.

Epcot After Sunset – Dinner and Drinks inside the World Showcase.


Entertainment and a cold beer, set the stage for a good meal

As a traveler, I’ll admit I enjoyed walking around the World Showcase. I definitely wondered why only the original eleven countries still exist and it hasn’t expanded like much of Disney, but no matter there is still plenty to do, see, drink and especially eat.

Of course, it’s not the same, but a visit, (still cheaper) enables you to feel the culture of country, especially since the employees of the “country” are directly from the country. So for a tip make sure you talk with employees to gain a more authentic experience.

Personally, the World Showcase offered me a chance to relive some of my favorite travel experiences with family and even inspired for new ones. Hey, if Disney can do Morocco, so can I, right? And after dining there at Restaurant Marrakesh, I’ll admit,  I left impressed with the entertainment and the food.

But hey, where do you dine (or want to dine) inside the Epcot World Showcase? Any recommendations to share this Sunset Sunday?

Stay adventurous, Craig



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  • Maryann

    I would like to try them all. I also enjoyed the Marrakesh Restaurant. It was very unique with great entertainment. Another favorite of mine is the Germany Biergarten Restaurant It is a fun place. I agree it would be great for Disney to invite more countries in Epcot. It would give families a chance to feel the culture of countries they may never get the opportunity to visit.

    • craig zabransky

      I’d certainly like to try a drink at each country… that would make for quite an adventure…. but definitely some great options in Epcot for food… I definitely agree, more countries, Mr Disney – invite some more countries please…. Stay Global, Craig

  • naimfmt

    Thanks for sharing that…

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