Sunset Sunday – The Greek Isle of Paxos

The sunset seduces. Few moments of the day hold such magic. On Valentine’s Day many people will share that magic, that romance, with someone special.

One evening, that special sensation hit me harder than my second glass of Ouzo. Here, on the cliffs overlooking the Ionian Sea, I watched the sun descend from the island of Paxos during a sailing trip.

sunset on the greek island of paxos, Ionian Islands, Greece

As a frequent traveler, I can tell you if seek romantic venues few places visit top the Greek Isles and few activities top Sailing. Together, well that just adds to the magic, mystic  and romance of it all.

Happy Sunset Sunday, I hope you share your sunset with someone special today.

Stay Romantic,


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  • Kirsten

    I have heard this about Greece, its romance…and I have certainly experienced the romance that can be present when sailing! Nice to think of them combined w/ another such romantic thing, the sunset.

    Great image btw, love the color.

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